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Your path to the reward is very simple: whether friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues or acquaintances – anyone can take part. You can expect €20 for your recommendation. Quite uncomplicated.

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Step 1: Share contacts

Simply enter your details and those of the person who might be interested in our new tariff. This is the first step towards your reward.


Step 2: Personal consultation

We will get in touch with your contact immediately to arrange an appointment for an individual consultation. Your recommendation is important to us.

Step 3: Share the joy - receive a reward

As soon as the contract has been concluded and the final invoice has been issued, the premium is paid out. Celebrate the success of your recommendation with an extra reward.

Our campaign is really open to everyone. Let us grow together and benefit from our attractive bonus program!

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You can count on us for these reasons

Our promise
Our promise

Comprehensive service that inspires

From the initial idea to the final implementation, we support you with a service that leaves nothing to be desired. Your satisfaction and trust are our greatest assets, and we do everything we can to guarantee you an all-round carefree energy experience. Whether you value the flexibility of a balcony power plant or are looking for the complete autonomy of an individually planned photovoltaic system - we have the expertise and the technology to make your dreams of a green future come true.


Welcome to the club of makers!

For all those who like to take their energy projects into their own hands, we offer not only the necessary materials, but also a community of like-minded people. Benefit from our extensive knowledge and share your experiences with other enthusiastic self-builders. Together, we are taking the step towards greater sustainability and energy self-sufficiency.

From idea to reality
From idea to reality

Our range makes the difference

Our range of products and services covers every need: from easy-to-install balcony power plants to customized photovoltaic systems. We understand that switching to renewable energies is a big decision - and that's why we're here to help and advise you. At Blackforest Solar Solution GmbH & Co. KG you will not only find products, but also a philosophy based on sustainability, customer orientation and innovation.

Long-term vision
Long-term vision

Together towards a greener future

As your reliable wholesaler and partner, we not only offer a wide range of high-quality photovoltaic modules, energy storage systems, inverters and installation materials, but also a partnership based on trust, success and satisfaction. Become part of our network and experience how we are changing the energy sector together.

Blackforest Solar Solution GmbH & Co.KG - Energy that connects

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